About Adodi


Adodi Tribal Heritage

The Adodi Fellowship was born in 1986 out of the early ravages of the AIDS epidemic. It has since become one of the oldest, most affirming and spiritually uplifting movements of same-gender-loving men of African descent in history. The ideals and principles of Adodi provide a code of conduct and a road map toward self awareness, and fraternal relationships based on agape love, mutuality and deep abiding respect.

The Adodi experience engenders community, self-awareness and empowerment as well as spiritual growth. The bedrock of the brotherhood is a mutual acknowledgement and affirmation of a common yet diasporic African heritage, coupled with an appreciative acceptance of same gender love among men.

The Adodi experience is a communion of commonality rather than difference- what the Adodi call the “Fierce Embrace.” This allows the brotherhood to acknowledge yet adeptly transcend ageism, classism and internalized homophobia with its unique focus on the sacred nature of the individual and unique gifts they carry – gifts which manifest most fully in the midst of an appreciative and affirming community.

Adodi, the plural of Ado, Yoruba word that describes a man who “loves” another man. More than just a description of partners in Africa, the Adodi of the tribe are thought to embody both male and female ways of being and were revered as shamans, sages and leaders.

Chapters in Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, New York and Washington, DC