The Six Principles


The ideals and principles of Adodi provide a code of conduct and a road map toward self-awareness, and fraternal relationships based on agape love, mutuality and deep abiding respect. The “Six Principles” are as follows:


We seek alignment with the Divine Energy that unites and centers all our spirits at the beginning and closing of all we do.

This principle supports our commitment to integrate Spirit and genuine love in all of our actions. It also reminds us to respect and recognize diverse communication styles, while preserving a clear sense of purpose.


We stand personally responsible for communicating thoughts and feelings in a sincere and concise manner. We clearly and fully articulate our ideas, suggestions, insights and needs, while being mindful of our body language.

This principle supports our commitment to genuine connection, authentic intimacy and community.


We utilize active listening as a means of respect, acknowledgement and validation of the feelings or viewpoints expressed and implied by our brothers, whether or not we agree with them.

This principle supports our commitment to an affirming and loving spiritual community.


We reach out to support and assist each other in a caring and effective manner. When coming face to face with each other around sensitive and challenging issues, we always address each other from a place of love and openness to facilitate healing and intimacy, versus aggression and antagonism which leads to hurt and distance.

This principle supports our commitment to a community of healing, empowerment and mutual support.


We take collective care, within the bounds of all we do, to allow space for individual members to achieve closure on matters discussed, while honoring the process and the time constraints. When necessary, we can establish a specified time and setting where unresolved matters can be further explored.

This principle supports our commitment to a welcoming and affirming community.

THE FIVE A’S Acknowledge, Appreciate, Affirm, Accept, Ache’

We use The Five A’s as ideal dynamics when responding to each other.

This principle guides and supports all the others, and all of the other principles can be seen as an aspect of The Five A’s. ACHE is the concept of Power and Empowering (So Be It), which reinforces all that we say or do, declaring our intentions to the Universe and the Divine Energy that unites and centers all our spirits.